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Get Peace of Mind That Your Car Is Safe

Work with a skilled brake repair pro in St. Cloud, MN

Do your brakes feel spongy? Has it been taking longer than normal to reach a full stop? You shouldn't wait to take your car into the shop for a brake repair. If you live in St. Cloud, MN, turn to Rollin' Right Automotive.

We'll check every part of your braking system, locate the issue and provide a long-lasting repair, so you can get peace of mind that your car is safe. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment for our brake repair services.

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Ready to upgrade your entire braking system?

Your braking system is comprised of multiple parts. If you need to upgrade the entire system, we can help with our brake kits. Our brake repair pros will replace your vehicle's:

  • Pads
  • Rotors
  • Calipers
  • Brake lines

You'll get all this for just $299 per axel if you have a small car or $349 per axel if you have a truck or van. Contact us today to learn more about our brake kits and brake repair services.


Don't Drive a Car That's Difficult to Steer

Schedule steering repair services in St. Cloud, MN

A problem with your car's steering is one thing that can't go ignored, even for a few days. Thankfully, you can get top-notch steering repair services in St. Cloud, MN when you work with Rollin' Right Automotive.

We can repair any part of your steering system, including your wheel bearings, inner tie rods and outer tie rods. Set up an appointment with our auto steering repair company today. We service most makes and models.

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Top signs you need a steering problem

There are a few telltale signs that you need a steering repair. You should bring your car into our shop right away if you:

  • Struggle to turn your steering wheel
  • Notice your steering wheel vibrating
  • Hear a screeching sound when you turn
  • Find that your steering wheel feels loose

Do any of these signs sound familiar? Get an auto steering repair with us right away.


Has Your Car Been Drifting and Bouncing Lately?

Arrange for suspension repair services in St. Cloud, MN

Your car's suspension is responsible for absorbing bumps and giving you a smooth ride as well as providing steering stability. If you've struggled to control your car around turns or have felt every little bump in the road, you'll likely need a suspension repair.

That's where Rollin' Right Automotive in St. Cloud, MN comes in. We can provide a full-service repair to your suspension system to make sure it's in good working order. Contact us today to learn more about our suspension and shock repair services.

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Count on us to fix any suspension problem

With over 15 years of experience, we know how to fix any suspension issue. You can trust our suspension repair pros to fix your:

  • Struts
  • Shocks
  • Shackles
  • Coil springs
  • Leaf springs
  • Control arms

Reach out to us today to get a top-notch spring, strut or shock repair.


Getting to the Bottom of Any Car Problem

Trust our car diagnostics pros in St. Cloud, MN

It's not always easy to tell where your car problems are coming from. Thankfully, you can trust the pros at Rollin' Right Automotive to help with our car diagnostic services, available in St. Cloud, MN.

We'll thoroughly inspect your car and identify the issue. We can then discuss your options with you and handle the repair, so you won't have to worry about a thing. Book an appointment with our car diagnostic pros today to get started.

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What will we check?

You can count on car diagnostic pros to check the overall health of your vehicle's components and systems. This may include:

  • Testing the engine
  • Looking at the check engine light
  • Troubleshooting electric components

No matter what problem you're experiencing, you can trust that we'll get to the bottom of it. Reach out to us today to learn more about our car diagnostic services.